10 items travelers forget the most when traveling.

You probably forgot something listed below, believe me

Phone charger, camera and passport is what many travelers forget when traveling.
10 items travelers forget the most when traveling1 

A company that sells appliances in England did a survey of people who purchase items: what you forget when abroad. For every 10 British traveling abroad will have a traveler forget their passport. The figure for men is 13%, while only 6% of women forget to bring this. Many people when being asked said they do not remember where is airline tickets or hotel reservation in details before leaving the airport.

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The average British people usually spend 200 dollars to purchase before going on vacation. They even went shopping at 3-4 stores to purchase needed items. But with more than half admitted they still miss something.
10 items travelers forget the most when traveling2 

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For necessarily items in your luggage, 46% of men said they could not leave the house if  forgot to bring sunglasses. 67% of women say the things that they can not leave home without bringing sunscream

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Underwear is the second most important item to bring both sexes when traveling, accounting for 44% of men and 66% of interest to women. Ranked third indispensable items when traveling for men is also women swimwear is the shoes. But this is the stuff they took away the most forgetful.

Here are 10 items that people often forget when traveling:

1. tooth brush, towel

2. Phone Charger

3. Passport

4. Flights

5. Swim suites

6. Underwear

7. Sunscream

8. Camera

9. Reservation of hotels

10. Sunglasses