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Thailand Cities

Thailand has it all, from an abundance of beautiful islands and beaches in its south, to mountainous scenery and hilltribe culture in its north. The center houses ancient capitals and towns rich in history, like captivating Kanchanaburi, home to the Bridge over the River Kwai. The capital, Bangkok, is one of the most exciting in Asia, with its dynamic eating scene from street food stalls to world-class restaurants.

Its markets and malls offer some of the region's best shopping, and the glittering Grand Palace is a must-see. With its rich Buddhist culture, friendly people, tantalizing cuisine and beautiful scenery, Thailand has something for every type of traveler.

  • Nakorn Sri Thammarat

    Nakorn Sri Thammarat

    This place contains a lot of beautiful attractions nearby the nature such as Kiriwong Village, where the freshest air lie in Thailand. There are other attractions such as Si Khit Waterfall, Wirathai Monument and Nakorn Sri Thammarat...

  • Chumphon


    If you are up to the beaches, you are in the right place! Chumphon has many sea attractions to visit such as Thung Thong Beach, Sai Ri Beach, Arunothai Beach and Chumphon islands. Ton Nam Patoh Forest is a good place for natural tourist...

  • Trang


    Trang is located in the south area of Thailand which the food is famous. You should try Trang breakfast if you have been to Trang someday. The dishes are dim sum, Kopi(old Thai style coffee), Sae-Long(hot tea with milk), Ja-Koi(a...

  • Chanthaburi


    This province presents for the fruit lovers, gem lovers and natural travelers. The attractions are interesting. There are many fruit gardens and waterfallssuch as Kra Ting Waterfall and Phlio Waterfall. Refined gemstones and diamonds,...

  • Trad


    Trad is the province located in the east area of Thailand fulfill by nature. This place is really suitable for those who need to breathe the fresh air and find the peaceful place. Don’t miss to visit the fisherman villages,...

  • Ratchaburi


    Ratchaburi has many interesting attractions like Dumnoen Saduak Floating Market which is always crowded by the tourists. This province also contains a lot of beautiful nature that worth to visit like Suan Phueng district and Baan Hom...

  • Samut Songkhram

    Samut Songkhram

    If you are the one who looking for peacefulness, Samut Songkhram will be one of the best choices to pick. Because Samut Songkhram has everything you need. This province isn’t located far from Bangkok which Mae Glong River flow...

  • Loei


    Loei is located in the northeast of Thailand. This province is famous with its humble simple and cheerful. Loei has many cultural attractions like this. Phu Kradueng National Park, Wat Phra That Sri Song Ruk and Chiang Kan District are...

  • Buriram


    This province contains many heritages of Khmer such as Khmer antiques, silk and handicrafts. Visit the stone castle when you are in Buriram is strongly recommended. The most of it is Prasat Hin Phanom Rung located in Phanom Rung...

  • Nan


    Nan is the interesting province which has a small area located on the north area of Thailand. Nan presents as a fascinating historical province. The attractions are noticeable with their decoration of the north Thailand which...